1.4 – Localisation

While this topic was covered in Cadiboo’s tutorials while adding blocks I had neglected to include localization. So because I don’t want to leave out changes I make to my codebase, ill cover it here briefly as well.

For our blocks we use the format block.mod_id.block_id so for example block.example_mod.example_ore

for this we just need to add 2 entries to our en_us.json file for our 2 blocks.

  "item.example_mod.example_item": "Example Item",
  "itemGroup.example_mod": "Example Mod",
  "block.example_mod.example_ore": "Exmaple Ore",
  "block.example_mod.gem_ore": "Gem Ore"

And with just that all of our blocks have names in game.

As always you can see my code from this post here github.com/cody-code-wy/1.15.2-Example-Mod/tree/3077e9

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