1.4 – Localisation

While this topic was covered in Cadiboo’s tutorials while adding blocks I had neglected to include localization. So because I don’t want to leave out changes I make to my codebase, ill cover it here briefly as well. For our blocks we use the format block.mod_id.block_id so for example block.example_mod.example_ore for this we just need

1.3 Creating a new ore

So my goal with this is to implement something that acts like diamond ore. When mined normally it will drop some other item, I am going to used our example item. When mined with fortune it will have a chance of dropping more of that item, and when mined with silk touch it will drop

1.2 Block Loot

I have been building these tutorials based off reading from Cadiboo’s example mod code on github. This one is very easy to do, but was very hard for me to find how to do it. Previously this kind of functionality had been inside the java source code, but now it is just in a json

1.1 BlockItems

Now that we have changed the way that we register items and blocks, we can finally make our BlockItem for our block. BlockItems are the version of the block that you can hold in your hand, and store in your inventory. Basically they are just items, but with a special ‘block’ model for rendering the

Forge 1.15 Tutorials

Pre-Requisites First follow Cadiboo’s Forge 1.15.1 tutorial (works for 1.15.2 without any modification) through until part 1.9 – First Block Chapter 1 – Continuing Setting up the Basics 1.0 – Refactoring Item and Block Registration1.1 – BlockItems